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Sample Scrolling Silverlight Video Playlist 2.0

Since the release of Silverlight 2, there have been a number of requests for me to update my Scrolling Silverlight Video Playlist Sample and I have finally made the time to do just that. I feel it is important to point out that Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1 is now out and it ships with a handful of new Player templates just for Silverlight 2 including two with a built in Scrolling playlist feature (Frosted Gallery and Silverlight 2 Gallery). 

Still, partly because not everyone has Expression Encoder 2 and mostly because I felt it would be educational to do so, I went ahead and rebuilt the Scrolling Silverlight Video Playlist sample from the ground up for Silverlight 2 in C# and here it is:

This time, instead of using a player from the growing Expression Encoder template library, I went with the opensource Blacklight player which is a nice lightweight player. And rather than add my scroll widget directly to the player as I did with version 1.0, I chose to keep it seperate, and created a 'ScrollWidget' User Control that could be used in other projects (for example as a thumbnail scroller for photos, or as a toolbar) with only minor modification.

As always, the complete source code is available: (1.22 mb)

[ Special thanks to Sean at for developing this Silverlight Extension for BlogEngine.NET ]

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Posted by Williarob on Thursday, April 30, 2009 8:47 AM
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